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Why you need a course, why it’s important for your biz


Track A - The Course Hustler

Who is this track for: Track A is an accelerated program for those that know what they want their course to be about but need help making it happen. In 4 weeks we work together to outline, promote, build, and more to make your course happen. This track will move fast so make sure you have the time available to do this or even a VA to help with some of the back end tasks!

Length: In 4 weeks we will powerhouse through the course creation process so you can start making sales in no time

Cost: $697

Track B - The Course Beginner

Who is this track for: Track B is for the person who wants to make a course but isn’t sure of the topic or doesn’t have a lot of time to buckle down and get it done. You know you need a course to offer to your clients but aren’t sure where to start, what it should be about, or if people who even be interested in signing up(trust me, they need it and want it!).

Length: In 8 weeks we go from picking that course topic that sells to launching and selling your course

Cost: $1497

*Payment plans available, please contact me for details


What you can expect from BOTH Course Coaching Tracks:

  • An in-depth assessment of what your current thoughts/ideas for a course are

  • A plan of action for your course and goals to hit each week we work together to keep you on track and moving forward

  • Access to me Monday-Friday in an app called Voxer where we can communicate back and forth each day

  • Taking you from course idea to full launch

  • Tech help(only if using Coursecraft as your course platform)

  • Marketing plan that works for you and the platforms you use

  • Launch calendars to help with pre-selling as well as re-launching your course over and over again


Why work with me

-not taking a commission of your course

-you are doing the work in building it but I am here to help and guide you through it all