3 Tips for a Successful Course Launch

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When I see people launching their first course I know how incredibly excited and even scared they can be.

They do all this work building it and then finally open the doors

They are so excited about it and know it can help so many people but are hit with a wave of crickets.

That's why I always do THREE super important things to promote my course before and during the launch.

1. Warm up questions

This is a great way to see who is interested in your course topic and warm up your audience at the same time. Simply ask questions relating to your course topic. Example: What has stopped you from creating your first course?

These questions will help see exactly what your audience may be struggling with when it comes to your course topic and see who has an interest in it right away so you can start making a list of people to follow up with

2. Host a live event

Host a live event like a masterclass or webinar so your ideal course client can see what it's like to work with you, what your teaching style is like, and what your personality is like. This is a great way to pitch your course as well since people will already see how knowledgable you are on the topic. Plus, having a Q&A is great as well to answer any of those questions hanging out there

3. Follow Up

If you aren't following up with the people who vote on your polls, ask questions, or even RSVP to your live event you are leaving money on the table. The follow up is where you can make the biggest impact 1-on-1 and make the most sales so be sure to follow up with every person you can!

Ready to dive deeper into making your first or next course that is guaranteed to sell?

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