Creating Systems in Your Business

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Do you have systems set up in your business, blog, and/or life?

If your answer was no you could be creating a lot of extra work for yourself and WASTING a lot of time and even money!

Systems can create so much convenience for you and the way you do things as well as make it 10x easier to pass tasks off to a virtual assistant when you get to that level in your business.

So what really is a system and how do you create it in your business?

A system is something you can automate whether it is an email sequence or funnel so your email list is always hearing from you or a simply list of your daily tasks typed and printed for you to do each day so you don’t have to write them all down or try to remember what they are.

When it comes to systems in my every day life I try to make things as easy as possible. I run 3 businesses, a nonprofit, and am involved in other organizations in my community as well as being a wife, dog mom, homemaker, etc. It can be a lot to take on and there is always 1,001 things that need to get done each day and week. So when it comes to some of those every day or every week tasks I created a system to make it easier to remember everything that needs to get done. I typed up lists of all those daily/weekly tasks and each morning I print off the respective day and use it as a guide for my to dos so I don’t miss anything. I’ve done this on Asana & Trello before as well and set the tasks to repeat when I needed them too but prefer the satisfaction of physically crossing off each item as I complete it.

So when I get up on Thursday morning I have my printed sheet. I can see Thursday is one of my laundry days, it’s time to change the bed sheets, I can’t forget to do promos in my business, and so on. Each day’s list varies in length depending on my tasks for that day but includes everything from business to personal to nonprofit to blogging to homemaking tasks. Honestly, without having it all typed out there is no way I would remember everything I needed to get done.

When it comes to my business there are obviously tasks included on those daily sheets but also many other tools that I use to streamline things so I’m not working 24/7 to build my business and brand. Here are a few of the tools I use every day and LOVE(affiliate links may be included but I only recommend things I actually use!!):

Coursecraft: This is my all time favorite course platform and I host every single one of my courses on here. Easy to use, user friendly, clean look, and you can build a course on the free level or upgrade to their extremely inexpensive levels when you need to!

Convertkit: All my emails come from Convertkit. I have automations set up in here so when someone signs up for something they get sent into certain funnels with more content for them and I keep popping up in their inbox providing that value that they need.

Zapier: This is really a savior of a platform that I haven’t even taken the time to fully explore. I currently use this for text reminders(hello change my contacts each month!) or to link my payment providers like Paypal and Stripe to Convertkit so when someone buys something using paypal it sets off a “zap” in Zapier and alerts Convertkit to send them the product they ordered. Needless to say, it’s amazing!

Siteground: This is the hosting platform I use for my other blog, The Midwest Millennial and it is amazing! If you are looking to start your own blog or website on Wordpress and need a hosting platform you can rely on with GREAT customer service then Siteground is definitely the way to go!

What are some of your favorite tools that you use to streamline your business, blog, and life? Comment below!

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