Reverse Engineering Your Goals

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The first 4 months of the year are in the books and I want you to take a moment to take inventory.

Did you hit all your goals in those first 4 months of the year?

What were your successes?

What things could you improve on?

If some or all of your goals fell short it is time to change that!

Are you reverse engineering your goals?

If that concept sounds like gibberish to you that's ok! Let me break it down

Reverse engineering your goals is CRUCIAL to setting yourself up for success and crushing your goals

So how does it work?

You sit down and plan out the HOW of reaching each of your goals

For example: If you want to make $5,000 this month how are you going to do it? You can't just write it down and be like ok cool it will happen now, you need to look at where the money is going to come from(yes manifestation will help but you still need to put in this leg work to make it happen)

Maybe this means you are selling 10 spots in your $500 course or a spot in your $5000 coaching package

Whatever it might be BREAK IT DOWN and set these "smaller" type goals

From there, how are you going to get the sales?

How many people do you need to get on the phone?

Do you need to do a webinar or some sort of challenge to draw in potential clients?

Every aspect is important and the more you can plan this out the higher success rate you will have with your goals!

What is the first goal you are going to Reverse Engineer today? Comment below!

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